About the Artist

I’m a Freelance Indie Artist creating original works of Fantasy and Wildlife Art

Working from my home state in Northern Indiana. I gain a lot of inspiration from nature and the world around me. I love creating illustrations & artworks of creatures both real, extinct, and imagined. Hikes in the woods, reading, gardening, and my own relationship with nature fuel my inspiration to create art. I have been drawing and painting since I could hold a pencil in hand and it has always been a passion of mine. Although an introvert I love befriending other creative and artistic people and supporting their work when I can. I take pet portrait commissions and would be interested in Illustration work or other freelance work! See my Contact page or more info!

Feel free to subscribe to Shadowind Shaders Club and get Free digital coloring pages, sneak peeks at my current illustration projects, and cool art updates. I’m still learning what I’m doing with mailchimp but I plan to send out monthly e-mails at the very least!

find me at my other online locations by clicking the purple button below!